Cheap Car Insurance

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance in Michigan

According to Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth, there are a plethora of ways to obtain cheap car insurance in Michigan – most of which apply to any car insurance company in Michigan from which you choose to purchase your cheap car insurance.

The factors to help you get cheap car insurance in Michigan range from past, present, and future actions by you as a driver in Michigan.


You may be eligible for a long-term policyholder discount if you have been with the same cam insurance company for a specific period of time. If you haven’t had any traffic violations or accidents for a specific period of time, you may also get a cheap car insurance rate in Michigan. Also, if you have a degree past high school, or have maintained a certain grade point average for a specific period of time, you may be offered discounts on your Michigan car insurance.


If you belong to an approved organization, currently have a good credit score and credit history, have no youthful drivers on your policy, pay higher deductibles, and have only purchased the minimum collision coverage, you’re likely to get cheap car insurance in Michigan. Other factors include your age and income. Drivers over the age of 65, and drivers of low-income families, are eligible for cheap car insurance in Michigan, too.


If none of the above applies to you, there are changes you can make to get cheap car insurance in Michigan. Consider combining your car insurance policy with an insurance company from which you purchase another insurance policy, such as your homeowner’s insurance policy, or insure more than one vehicle on the same car insurance policy. Practice safer driving, take a driver education course, and work on repairing your credit score. Making sure your car is as safe as possible and always wearing your seatbelt are additional ways to get cheap car insurance in Michigan.