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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance in Seattle, Washington

One disadvantage of living in Seattle, Washington has to do with car insurance. In this state the average car insurance rates are actually not just determined by an individual driver’s past behavior on the road, but by all drivers’ behavior. Typically insurance companies in Seattle, Washington set rates by tallying up all the insurance costs for the past year and then they divvy them up by the number of drivers on the roads. Naturally someone with a stellar driving record will still pay less than the person who seems to be an endless source of accidents, but the two factors do play into one another to determine rates.

Although there’s nothing anyone can do about the way other’s drive, there are some steps they can take to help improve their chances of getting cheap car insurance in Seattle, Washington. Some of these helpful hints include:

• Driving an older vehicle until you’ve established yourself as a good driver. Many insurance companies penalize young drivers, particularly young men. This fact added to the value of a new vehicle can equal very large insurance costs. For this reason it’s often preferable for young people to drive older vehicles until they’ve proven their ability behind the wheel.

• Not purchasing comprehensive coverage. Many motorists, particularly those not driving very many miles a year, and those driving older cars and trucks don’t need the coverage that a comprehensive policy offers. They should carefully weigh the benefit of the policy versus the cost of the premiums.

• Taking a driving course as you mature. Many older individuals face higher insurance costs because they are perceived as being high risk drivers. When someone in this age range takes a mature driving course they can often experience a drop in their car insurance rates.

Even if you receive a few high quotes when you begin your search for cheap car insurance in Seattle, Washington, don’t be discouraged. Prices can fluctuate from company to company and you are sure to find a rate you can afford that includes all the coverage you need.

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